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Pacific Beach Surf Club 1996 club photoThe Pacific Beach Surf Club, originally founded in 1957 and then reborn in 1994, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration of the Hawaiian sport of kings, surfing.

The club fulfills its mission by spreading aloha in all its endeavors, whether it be in friendly competition with rival clubs, respecting the environment through annual beach cleanups, teaching beginners and novices the skills and surf etiquette they will need through regular surf clinics, and passing on our knowledge and skills to the next generation of surfers.

The club is also a proud member of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs, and we participate in their annual series of surfing competitions up and down the California coast and sometimes even Baja, Mexico!

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James D. Best

James D. Best

Last visit: 12 months ago
Home Break - Tourmaline
Favorite Board - Jacobs
Favorite Surfer(s) - Me. I worked for Greg Knoll in high school, but he was not one of my...
Home Break - Tourmaline Favorite Board - Jacobs Favorite Surfer(s) - Me. I worked for Greg Knoll...
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    04. 03. 1945
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    Grew up in Hermosa Beach and surfed 2nd street. Owned condo in Pacific Beach since 2006. When I lived in the South Bay we believed there was no life east of Pacific Coast Highway and now I live in Omaha. At least I have winters in San Diego and a few scattered weeks in the summer.
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    Western Writers of America
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