2020 Santa Cruz Longboard Union Club Contest - Santa Cruz @ Steamer Lane

Memorial Day Classic

Located at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA, the event is the longest-running longboard contest in existence, in addition to being one of the largest. It's also a benefit for several local charities, including the Junior Lifeguard Program, Ride-A-Wave, Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Association and the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. 

Event Details

Date and Time 05-23-2020
Ending Date and Time 05-24-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Registered Competitors 0
Entry Fee Price TBD
Location Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

Venue Information - Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

Steamer Lane is a famous surfing location in Santa Cruz, California. It is just off a point on the side of cliffs in the West Cliff residential area near downtown Santa Cruz, providing easy access and a good vantage point for viewing. The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is housed in a lighthouse there. "Steamer Lane" is the preferred form of the name used by the people surfing there.[1] Steamer Lane was named by Claude Horan while he was a student at San Jose State in the late 1930s. One flat calm day he and his friend Wes Hammond thought it would be a good idea to hire steamships to cruise back and forth to generate waves for surfing. It was at Steamer Lane that the modern surfing wetsuit and the leash were mainly developed by Jack O'Neill, who had his surf shop nearby for many years.

Registered Competitors

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