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First Established in 1956, Reborn in 1994

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The Pacific Beach Surf Club, originally founded in 1957 and then reborn in 1994, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration of the Hawaiian sport of kings, surfing.

The club fulfills its mission by spreading aloha in all its endeavors, whether it be in friendly competition with rival clubs, respecting the environment through annual beach cleanups, teaching beginners and novices the skills and surf etiquette they will need through regular surf clinics, and passing on our knowledge and skills to the next generation of surfers.

The club is also a proud member of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs, and we participate in their annual series of surfing competitions up and down the California coast and sometimes even Baja, Mexico!

Please have a look around, sign up if you haven't already done so, and join the conversation!

Hi Cathy! How did you find out about us? Cool to see some new faces here!

Cathy Principato Hello. I know Ron and I surf at tourmo on a regular basis. Trying to figure out how to sign up for the summer longboard classic on 6/8. suggestions? 5 days ago
Vince Bodie de la Mross We're working on that. I don't know the entry fee yet, so I can't tell you to just use the PayPal link. In the meantime if you want to go to the... Show more 4 days ago

I'm going to push for getting online signups for the contest on the website. Who else thinks that's a good idea? Raise your hands!

Mike Grissom likes this.

Hey Michael, good to see you here! It's always good to see people bringing new stoke to the club!

Aloha! - surfing

Jamie Belt Thanks Vince! Glad to be here! 1 week ago
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