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Goofing around with Jeff Kerridge and his camera right before I took a thruster to the gourd... now I know why they're called thrusters!!! - feeling shocked

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Vince Bodie de la Mross posted a new announcement05/09/2019

AmpSurf, A Learn to Surf Program for People With Disabilities

We recently got a message through the website asking that we help promote this excellent cause. Read on for all of the info directly quoted from Dana M. Cummings, AmpSurf L.S.P. Founder/President: Hello, I am a member of the Estero Bay and the Pismo longboard clubs and have done a few of the contest in the past up here in the cold northern waters. I also run the AmpSurf, Learn to Surf program for people with disabilities and could use your help this next month. Sept. 16th-20th we will be running the surf venue in La Jolla at the VA Summer Sport Clinic and I am trying to rally volunteers to...

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Julie Pursel has liked a Group 22/08/2019
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Heads up peeps, a little message from Brando:

Hey Vince Brando here can you put on the website if anybody can volunteer to go to Law Street tomorrow at 5 to help the kids from Boyz II Men learn2serve Randy from PB Surf Shop reached out to Ron I was going to go there but I have to work until 7:30 so I won't be able to make it so let's see if we can get some volunteers from our club to go help the kids learn to surf at law street they meet up at the top of the park they have wetsuits and Boards they just need volunteers to go in the water with them shopping search

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Vince Bodie Revisiting the 2019 Summer Longboard Classic 13/06/2019 This poll is ended Jun 21 2019 at 12:00 PM

What will you remember most about the 2019 Summer Longboard Classic?

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Vince Bodie de la Mross commented on 2018 Summer Longboard Classic 04/06/2019

Last year's event was BOSS, and this year's is looking EVEN BETTER!!! YEEEUUUWWWW!!! :P

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