Rincon Invitational
Mar 09

Rincon Invitational

The annual benefit event for all Coalition clubs


The annual benefit event for all Coalition clubs

  • This year's Rincon Invitational will benefit the Sofia Bartlow scholarship fund. Your $50 entry gets you crab, lobster and prime rib, plus surfing Rincon with just your teammates! This is a team based event where each team gets 45 minutes to catch as many waves as they can.

    Please note that though this is listed as a two day event, our team's slot is at 3:00pm on Sunday the 10th. You are of course still welcome to attend on both days!

    So far the lineup looks like:

        ⁃    Bob Peacock

        ⁃    Ron Greene

        ⁃    Alex Greene

        ⁃    Brando

        ⁃    Kris Volk

        ⁃    Joe Rigby

        ⁃    Phil Castignola

        ⁃    Francois Auffret

        ⁃    Matt Melin

        ⁃    Teresa Burdick

        ⁃    Amy Lepine

        ⁃    Chris Gels

        ⁃    Randy Strunk

  • Category
  • Date & Time
    Mar 09 2019 at 06:00 AM - Mar 10 2019 at 03:00 PM
  • Location & full address
    Ventura, California
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