AmpSurf, A Learn to Surf Program for People With Disabilities

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Vince Bodie de la Mross Thursday, 05 September 2019 19:59

We recently got a message through the website asking that we help promote this excellent cause. Read on for all of the info directly quoted from Dana M. Cummings, AmpSurf L.S.P. Founder/President:

Hello, I am a member of the Estero Bay and the Pismo longboard clubs and have done a few of the contest in the past up here in the cold northern waters. I also run the AmpSurf, Learn to Surf program for people with disabilities and could use your help this next month.

Sept. 16th-20th we will be running the surf venue in La Jolla at the VA Summer Sport Clinic and I am trying to rally volunteers to help in the water. I think the best people for this would be our fellow longboarders. It is tough getting volunteers since it is during the week, but hopefully some could make it out, even if it is for one of the days it would be very helpful.

We are teaching 150 disabled vets (about 30 a day) and need about 30 volunteers each day as well. Could you put it out to your membership, the other clubs down there, and anyone else you think could lend a hand?

Here is the who, what, where and when:

  • Who: AmpSurf for the VA Summer Sports clinic, helping disabled veterans learn to surf.
  • What: Need volunteers to help in the water keeping disabled veterans safe. We will have 150 for the week.
  • Where: La Jolla Shores
  • When: September, 16th-20 (Mon-Fri) from 7am-1pm, probably finish by 12:30

People can sign up via our website at

Any help you can give in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated.

Dana M. Cummings
AmpSurf L.S.P. Founder/President
USA Surfing, Team Member

P.O. BOX 1034 Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(805) 441-5271
Semper Fidelis

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